Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Snow White

Salam Aleikum and hello people,

As you see here, something completely different from what I used to do, this is a gift for my beautiful beloved princess Nafy :) my number 1 ;) she always reminds me of snow white, and now i see she is much more beautiful than her!! 
- Pencil sketch.
- Inking in Photoshop.
- Coloring in Photoshop (Wacom Cintiq tablet pen)
approximate time: 11 hours! told you, it was my first time!! 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Indian Girl

Hi there, this was inspired by Sam Nielson's post : Forgotten Princess ( Jocasta ) , when ever i feel like art, I visit Sam's blogs, really great!

the colors in my old Wacom cintiq are not really that great!! so, I was doing a normal white girl and when I moved to mac screen, she looked indian!!! so, I figured "why not? "
hope you like it! :)



Some old work in 2007.