A message to share...

Don't forget to live...

Appreciate your life and live it
Enjoy every single day
Live it as its your last

Don't worry about tomorrow and lose the beauty of today

If past was bad, its gone
If past was good, tomorrow shall be better

Don't run in circles and try to get out of your box
You will never imagine what skills you have for this life
Unexperienced experiences

Find your self
Discover your self

Soften your hurt
the world seems too bad i know
Do you have any suggestions?

Don't stand and watch
Make a change
Change someone's opinion
Make someone smile

Save energy
Save earth

If you shall not live to see a change
If you try hard

You might live to see
If not you, your children

Don't be selfish
Think of the next generation

How many orphans in this world you can support
How many children in Africa you would save

When we die, we will not take our fancy cars and fancy bags
They won't make us any good by then

But when you help the others and spread goodness
Remember that God has records.

You will never appreciate the meaning of  "Good", unless you've seen too much "Bad"

I look to this world and i see it is Delusive, I look at heavens and i believe its Real

Your brother
Ameer Ghanem


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